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Clearer Vision That's Comfortable

Empowering you with clear & comfortable vision to improve your performance 

We can help if you or a loved one...

  • ​gets headaches after being on the computer

  • falls asleep when reading

  • are 'clumsy'

  • often forgets what's read

  • has a funny head tilt when taking pictures

  • feels uncomfortable in large warehouse stores, driving over bridges, & in heavy traffic

We're here for you.

You may need...


We have a great selection of frames and offer lens packages with pre-selected high quality materials made to our higher standards so you can feel confident in filling your glasses prescription here. We also support local laboratories, dedicated to quality service.


We offer a wide variety of Contact Lenses from dailies to Gas Permeable, and are dedicated to finding the right fit for both comfort and clarity for even the most difficult to fit prescriptions. We also offer monthly subscription lenses you can order online!

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy can help you or you child perform at their best. With a Visual Efficiency Exam and Visual Proficiency Exam, we can help you determine if your eyes and working together, and your brain is perfectly perceiving the world. If they are not, Vision Therapy can help. 


With co-managed care, we'll help you to find the right surgeon and track your progress and recovery. We work with several surgery centers in the area so that you can be confident in your surgeon, procedure, and after care.

The good news is that we have your answers,

The first step is to schedule an appointment.


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"Doctor Igne and the rest of the staff are AMAZING! VERY PROFESSIONAL AND MOST OF ALL SUPER CARING🙏 Dr. Igne is so Passionate in what she does🙏 Extremely knowledgeable, patient,and loving🙏 She goes out of her way to provide you with every single information needed to make your visit very satisfactory 🙏"


"I am a new patient and was instantly treated like family by the staff and Dr. I. They were very informative and made sure I was comfortable and aware during the whole eye exam. Very convenient location for me also - easy in and out. I definitely look forward to being treated by Dr. I and this team in the future! Highly recommend! "


"I love Dr. Igne and the staff at Family Tree Optometric! I'm writing this review in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and really appreciated their efforts to create a safe appointment for me to get my annual exam. Dr. Igne is a wonderful doctor - warm, knowledgeable and feels like a real partner for your eye health. I've ordered some of my glasses at this office as well and the experience was really good too."