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clear & comfortable vision.

Erin Igne, OD

Developmental Optometrist
Dr I Bio

Dr. I loves her work in Optometry and is passionate about Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy. She has worked in the Optometric field since 2006, familiarising herself in all aspects of Optometry. After working at a large optometric chain store as an Optician, she became interested in studying Optometry and ultimately chose to pursue a Doctorate of Optometry. Dr. I graduated as a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society at Southern California College of Optometry. While earning her doctorate, she also worked at a small private optometric practice learning all she could in preparation of one day owning her own. She became passionate about Vision Therapy after learning she had Convergence Insufficiency, and now uses her personal understanding to further empower her patients with knowledge and skills to improve their lives. She acquired the practice from a well established Developmental Optometrist with a passion for Vision Therapy and continues to see many of the patients from the previous practice while providing the same services today, as Family Tree Optometric.

On a personal note, she is a mother of 2 and has been married since 2008. Her husband also works at the practice. She is often described as a "people person", and loves talking with her patients about all aspects of their lives, all in order to better care for their whole health.



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