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Do you have vision insurance?

Let us help you save more with your vision benefits.

We can search many of the most popular vision insurance providers!

Know your benefits in 2 easy steps!

Fill out the secure Benefits request form below.

We'll contact you with your available benefits!

Call or text for more information. 949-733-1400

You are accepted here!

Family Tree Optometric is an open access practice, this means you are accepted here! We can see everyone regardless of insurance, available benefits, or coverage.


We can submit claims online, no paperwork, for your available insurance benefits from VSP, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Blue View, Aetna Vision, Cigna Vision, Spectera and Superior. All other patients are also accepted!


All patients have the ability to use their available vision insurance benefit and our package pricing together, saving more! Even without any coverage, our package pricing can help you and your family.

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