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Family in Nature

Our Mission

Family Tree Optometric strives to provide the highest quality healthcare and service to your entire family, from infants to the young at heart, within our community and beyond. We see all patients, infants and children with special needs to adults who just want to feel special; we're here for all. We have set our standards higher, to provide you with the most complete and comprehensive eye care available. 


Our practice does things a little differently, we have recognized that the eyecare industry needed to change to provide higher quality care to better serve our patients. So, to provide this level of service and whole health care, we have improved our connection to our patients and risen above the insurance providers’ "standards" of care. Our comprehensive exam includes screenings that other practices and vision insurance providers might consider “optional”. For instance, many practices will say that they would like you to purchase an Optomap, or retinal images so that they can have a more complete idea of your eye health, at Family Tree Optometric, this service is included because we believe complete eye health isn’t an option. Because of this more complete developmental eye exam, Dr. Igne has found symptoms of many other diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and even a small tumor that otherwise may have been missed.


Some optometrists only determine your visual acuity or “20/20” sight, but there is so much more of your vision to consider. Because your eyes are an important part of your nervous system, they require an understanding of how your brain perceives their input. There are also your visual motor abilities and visual perception, to consider. These include Convergence, Accommodation, Saccades, Pursuits, Binocularity, Stereopsis, Fixation, Spatial Relationships, Figure-Ground Discrimination, Visual-Motor Integration, Visual Memory, Visual Closure and Visual-Motor Integration. These can be affected by things like unknown developmental problems or a brain injury. Your eyes may be working much harder than they need to be, causing headaches, fatigue, and soreness, and can also affect your performance at work, school, or in sports. Issues with visual motor and visual perception are often attributed to autism, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, and many other conditions that can affect how a person may learn.


At Family Tree Optometric, we do not try to fill our schedule with as many patients as possible, we put the quality of your care first. So that you feel confident in your diagnosis, we have a longer exam, with enough time for you to ask lots of questions and have a real conversation with Dr. Igne; which differs from many other optometrists. Our mission from the start has always been to provide the best care possible without compromise. Our doors are open to everyone. We love what we do, and in our pursuit of great healthcare, have found that our patients love us too.

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